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Personal Training

With Amanda Dwelyng, Cardiac Rehab Specialist, Yoga Instructor, and Masters in Exercise Physiology.  Achieve your personal fitness goals with functional training tailored to your individual needs.

Private Training
in Your Home

Personal Training in the privacy and comfort of your own home (or outdoor space of your choice).  Amanda can incorporate any equipment you might have and use almost any space in your home as long as there is enough room to swing both your arms in full circles. 

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Group Training

Get together and train with a group of motivated friends and fitness allies.  Everything is more fun in groups and training is no different.  Amanda will guide you through circuits and partnered exercises with sessions scheduled twice every week.


Private Training
in Our Gym

Come and train in our gym; almost 300 sqft of heated indoor space.  Amanda has a wide variety of exercise equipment and can design thousands of exercises that can all be easily done in this dedicated space.  With the rubber flooring, stereo playing your music, and no distractions, you'll be ready to work!

Buy Sessions in Bulk

Private training sessions can be purchased 10 at a time for a 10% savings.  Group training sessions can be purchased 5 at a time for 5% savings.  Once you've purchased a package you'll be able to log into my website and schedule your sessions on my calendar!


"I started working with Amanda to learn some yoga basics so I could balance my marathon training. She customized our sessions to instruct more than just yoga but also stretching and strengthening for running. Her training quickly moved me out of “beginner-level” yoga and soon I became one of the advanced yogi’s doing headstands in the front of the studio! 

I truly appreciate Amanda’s approach because she doesn’t just teach “how” to do something, she teaches “why” - which is essential to lifelong fitness.

Kristy Buzuvis, Tribeca, NY

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